October 21, 2010

Mastering the Art of Eating

I'm almost one month post-op and I have to tell you that my eating has changed dramatically.  I see and want to eat some of the foods that I used to love, but the feeling passes in an instant.  I've been looking at what I am eating for the very first time, and with a new set of eyes, and there are such overwhelming differences.

The first difference is portion size.  The pouch you get in surgery not only makes it hard for you to overeat, but it also makes it hard for you to digest foods you normally love.  The pouch only allows me to eat less that one quarter of the things I used to and that has been so hard to accept.  I see the food, and I want to eat it, but if I do take that one "extra" bite, I know I'm in a world of hurt. So now to even prevent overeating, I've taken to eating off of tea plates, out of infant feeding bowls, and using infant feeding spoons.  It helps, but what I have noticed is that I have to really take my time and chew my food.  That is a big deal for me.  I have always had a hard time taking my time in finishing a meal, so this is so new.  I have to really be in the moment and constantly remind myself to chew each bite well.  Put down my fork.  Chew some more, and then resume eating.  It's been hard!  Who knew!  Do thin people have this much trouble with eating their meals?

So this brings me to my tastebuds.  They have totally changed!  I love chocolate, and I have loved it since I was in high school, but now, I seem to like other flavors like strawberry, and vanilla.  I never would've touched strawberry or vanilla anything prior to WLS unless it was ice cream, and even then, there better be some chocolate in it!  Gimme my chocolate!  Refried beans are still a little iffy for me, and I can't stand the smell of most of the protein powders -- some ARE better than others.

It has just been amazing the differences between before and after WLS and I wanted to share my experiences.

Faith Walker

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  1. Faith,
    Thank you so much for sharing. I know it is not easy to open yourself so completely and honestly to us, but I sure do appreciate it. I am learning a great deal and am so excited for you. Congratulations on a fresh new start in life, finding Faith!
    Love ya
    Cheryl Walker