October 17, 2010

Life after the WLS and the Flu Shot

Based on my doctor's recommendation, I got a flu shot on Thursday.  Can I just say that while I didn't feel any "cold-like" symptoms that many people complain of, I feel very listless and lethargic.  I worked yesterday and gave a training class and all along, my stomach was moaning and rumbling.  The night before I went to sleep early because nothing was sitting quite right in my new pouch.  Today, I haven't even gotten out of my jammies.

I can't say this is because of the flu shot, but I have been feeling much better than this, so I hope this is a temporary thing.  I have to get back on track and exercise.  I've gotten up to a mile on the treadmill at 2.8/mph which is good for me.  One of my high school friends who had Lap Band suggested that after I lose 50 lbs, I seek out a personal trainer to help me set some goals and get me on a regimen.  I have to say that is something I need.  I am a disciplined and regimented person in most aspects of my life, and I find that if I have someone to help me along, it's helps me to be more accountable -- especially if I'm paying for it. 

Faith Walker

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