October 8, 2010

I Have the Itchies -- Oh! What to Do?

So I'm chugging along on my journey and feeling really good.  I noticed a couple of nights ago that I was itching on my stomach -- no where near my incisions, but near them.  I've been scratching like the dickens, too!  Then to top it off, this morning I noticed I had little raised bumps that added to the itching.  I'm feeling good, but gosh I'm uncomfortable; if that makes sense?

What is worse is the sensation of the itch comes from inside of the skin instead of just on top.  I have allergies to all of the environmental things, but I wondering to I have allergies to milk or milk proteins, or is this just my nerves.  I sent my doctor an email, so I'm hoping he can shed some light.  I am hoping I'm not allergic to the whey proteins, but I would welcome some other type of protein as long as it tastes good and I could absorb it.

I bought some really nasty vitamins from the Vitamin Shoppe the other day because I didn't want to have to get the bariatric vitamins.  Boy was I hurt when they were too nasty for words!  Last night I took them back because I was a good shopper and had kept my receipt, only to find out they only give store credit for "opened" returns.  Well, I had to come up with something because the store manager wasn't budging on giving me my money back.

I searched around the store for anything that looked decent, and lo and behold, to my amazement, I found some Nectar protein by Syntrax and the Click Espresso protein!  I thought, "Wow! I've struck pay dirt!"  I quickly grabbed the two containers and rushed to the checkout to make my exchange.

When I got home, I tried the Nectar protein in some water with some ice cubes.  It wasn't too bad.  I let it get a little watery and was able to tolerate it pretty well.  

This morning, I tried the Click Espresso Protein and I got a huge kick out of that!  It was good and I was sooo happy to finally find a little protein I like.  I just hope that I'm not allergic to milk now.  We'll have to see how I'm faring.

I'll keep you informed!  Smooches!

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