October 5, 2010

I Admit It! I Had Buyer's Remorse

This was my first post to Thinnertimesforum.com after my WLS.

9/31/2010 - I'm three days post-op! Today was a pretty good day. Had some pretty interesting gas pains, but I did find that walking helped a lot!

The night after surgery, I really had a case of "why did I do this?" I was in so much pain, like a mack truck rolled over me a couple of times! I must have pressed that pump for pain killer more than a dozen the first night. The pain killer didn't seem to work until I was given a nice shot of dilaudid ...OMG! who knew?

So this morning was much better! If you're having any gas pains, really the best way to get everything "moving down there" is to walk it off.

Now, if I could find some protein that I like to drink!

This was my post from this morning:

I think what exacerbated the whole thing as well was having those "pinchers" on my legs for blood clots. Every time those things would inflate, waves of pain and gas would rise in my chest. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I couldn't wait to rip them off and once the catheter was gone... oh honey, so were the "pinchers".  I felt so much better.

The next day I was up and around really trying to move more, and I felt so much better. I didn't use the pain pump anymore and didn't feel those pains rising in my chest anymore.

The nurses didn't want to unhook me from all of the telemetry and IV fluids because after I'd circled their stations a couple of times with my "entourage" of bags, tubs, and equipment, they considered me a flight risk! Just a little laugh. They were really impressed I was actually listening to what they said about moving around.

I'm feeling better and better every day. The first day I was home, I walked .25 miles on the treadmill at a slow pace. Did that for a couple of days, just taking it easy. Today I was able to do .50 miles at a decent pace, and I was in total shock. The back pain that I felt every time I would try to walk, the same back pain that has kept me from doing more aerobic activities, was gone! I was just floored.

So I'm going to keep moving and grooving 'cuz, "Baby, I'm a star."

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