October 10, 2010

Feeling Good -- Feeling Good

I'm still working on finding the culprit for my itchiness, but after a little Lactaid, some benedryl, and not scratching, I feel good today. My incisions are healing nicely and I'm so glad that my surgery was Lap.  I just hope these hives exit stage right, really soon; they are cramping my style!

It has been a long time since I have felt this good, and I decided to get up and hit the grocery store for two Sunday papers -- it's all about the coupons -- and then I headed to Target!!!

On my venture to Target, I walked effortlessly through the aisles with renewed strength and some extra vitality!  My head feels clear, my joints don't hurt, and I just feel really good.  While I was in the store I was able to pick up some mini ramekins as I was thinking of making a mini frittata, and I also priced a "Magic Bullet" for making shakes.  I think those things are overpriced.  For $60, I could get three blenders.  I'm including a link from Amazon here as I see it is cheaper and probably qualifies for "supersaver" shipping.  I think the price looks better, but I will keep looking for either a better price or comparable item. Remember, I'm a frugal gal and I'll search for the best price until I drop!

So I'm planning on getting out in a bit and doing some walking to take advantage of the cool, sunny day in Atlanta.  More later!

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