October 31, 2010

Celebrating through Food -- Not!

This past week I've been in celebration mode at my job for having successfully implemented a new platform for our call center. It's been such a long road and to see the fruits of my labor finally pay off has been exciting. I think any other time I would have relished the idea of celebrating with food by going out to lunch and dinner with my boss or co-workers, but since I've had weight loss surgery, what comes to mind whenever someone mentions going out for lunch or dinner is, "Oh, dinner again? yeaaaah..." I'm telling you my voice is not chocked with excitement these days post-op! I don't want to seem ungrateful, but there has to be something else.

Trepidation stems from anxiety of what I can eat, what's on the menu; is it WLS friendly? And if I tell people I can't eat something they look at me strangely or say, "well, you can have this or that." I know food was my life, but that was my past -- no looking back! So I am now on a quest to find other ways to celebrate success and good news. Maybe we can all go to a Zumba class, or a movie, or some type of team building activity. If you come up with a way to celebrate great news that doesn't involve food, please leave a comment. I would love your feedback!

1 comment:

  1. I find it so annoying . . . my work has potlucks for EVERYTHING!

    I can't wait until May when I tell them NO, no potluck this year.

    I wish I could think of an alternative - I have 6 months to think on that.