October 28, 2010

Being Fat and Other People's Opinions -- Part 2

I just saw this post on Thinner Times about this nail salon owner, and I noticed that this story is from my neck of the woods in Atlanta.  Check out this story and let me know what you think!  I think this woman should be put out of business.  I get tired of spending my hard earned money at places where I feel like I am humiliated.  The nail salon owner claims that her chairs only have a weight capacity of 200lbs.  That is such a load of crap!  And if she is in business, shouldn't she have insurance on her equipment for damage?  If she doesn't she should consider getting some because overweight people aren't the only people she should charge for damaging her equipment.

We have to stop patronizing businesses that clearly don't want to serve us as a population and don't have the humanity or humility to respect us as customers or human beings.  I'll do my own nails thank you very much and save some dough!  Thank you very much.

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