October 11, 2010

Apres WLS Foods Progression

In case you were wondering about the "diet plan" after WLS, here it is in a nutshell.  Before WLS, you'll typically do a liquid diet to shrink your liver.  It makes the surgery go smoother, and you lose a few pounds.  After surgery, your on a clear liquid diet for a few days, and I do mean CLEAR, water, Crystal Light, broth, bouillon, pop sickles (SF), and jello (SF).  And of course, between those yummy beverages, you're constantly sipping water... sip, sip, sip.  I say sip because your new tummy can't handle more than a sip at a time.  Gone are the times where you used to be able to chug an Dasani -- uh unh... you're in for a world of hurt.

After you've been released from the hospitals and are home for a couple of days, your doctor will clear you for a liquid diet with added protein shakes.  In my case, I have to have 80-100 grams of protein per day.  With a newly formed tummy and all, it is really hard to knock back more than a couple of ounces of the protein shakes at a time.  I find myself sipping on those two -- water in one hand, shake in the other. This stage lasts for about two weeks or until you can tolerate something a little firmer in your new pouch/sleeve.

Right now I'm in the mushy or blenderized stage where I can have foods that are cooked to mush, thinned out with broth or water, and pulverized to smitherinis.  This stage will last about two weeks and then I'll be sailing into soft foods.  After about six to eight weeks, you'll graduate to firmer foods and add fresh fruits and veggies, eventually.  Although, I have been warned about broccoli causing gas, so it may come a little later on.  I can't wait to have a salad again.

Once solid foods are back on the table, as long as your keeping your diet free of too much fat, sugar, and breads, and you are drinking your water, the weight comes off.  

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