August 8, 2008

Just Wondering

How many kids actually sleep through the night and how many parents are still awaking in the wee hours to the agonizing screams of their infants. My son just turned 8 mos. and doesn't sleep through the night yet. He has slept all night on two ocassions and I just haven't seemed to get him in the habit of sleeping. I talked to the doctor and he suggested cold turkey, but he also reminded me that "baby dearest" has acid reflux. So with the medicine and some cereal in his formula, I try to get "baby dearest" to sleep. So far, he only wakes up once at night, but those times vary from day to day. I'm really sleep deprived. So much so that last night I woke up wondering if I had put the baby back in his crib after I rocked him to sleep! Does anyone else have this trouble. Please chime in if you're experiencing this. Faith