December 30, 2008

Still Not Sleeping

I have consulted so many people and have read all of the seemingly endless articles about promoting good sleeping habits in toddlers. All of this hasn't provided me any assurance that my son will sleep through the night. I have tried the "cry it out" thing and all it gives me is a headache and "fried" nerves. Little Pookie is happy and healthy, he just doesn't sleep through the night consistently. What really makes it hard is when I've been awakened during the night, whilst hubby is still in dreamland, and have to stay away with the little tyke until he deems it proper to go back to sleep. Some days I find myself so drained that I feel like I have to just prop my eyelids open. But then the next night, the little guy will sleep soundly. We've tried the crying thing, milk with cereal, gas medicine, bigger diapers (more absorbency!), and nothing has been a salvo for us. I am hoping that when my hubbies starts staying home during the day, he will take the night shift with Little Man, and I'll get the opportunity to get some rest. Ya'll pray for me!

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